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There's not much urgency to their play. He might have left it too late! The Brazilian has made quite the impression at the Camp Nou since joining in the summer.

So for the moment, Valencia are down to 10 men. About to get started at Camp Nou. Kick off is just seconds away. What did you make of the first half at Camp Nou? The running of El Zhar has been one of the main reasons behind Leganes' improvement as this first half has gone on. Those Barcelona goals mean that we can no longer go to extra time. Garay has been told to leave the pitch so he can change socks.

Take away the Sevilla goal. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Barcelona players at half time. But this fc barcelona live kijken will be remembered by the failure of the officialsto spot a ghost goal. The Valencia midfielder has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester United. Barcelona 4 55 mins - Sergi Roberto Sevilla 0 on aggregate.

  • A change for Valencia and Rodrigo comes off to a standing ovation. They will rue not scoring more in the first leg.
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Vols conéixer les arrels i els orígens de LudovicFabregas? Is that the goal that effectively pits Barcelona in the semi finals of the Copa del Rey? Barcelona have a lot of work to do this evening. The striker is giving them an outlet on the wings and in th final third. They have made this competition their own in recent years. They will be the happier of the two sides, with the gap at the top of the Liga standings still standing at four points.

They allow far too much space in front of them, and they are slow in tracking back and keeping a grip of opposition runners.

They will surely make their point to the referee about the goal that wasn't spotted by any of the officials. I'm Graham Ruthven and you can catch fc barcelona live kijken on Twitter ahead of the game to let me know your thoughts. There's a real lack of purpose to Barcelona's play in the final third at the moment.

Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen, fc barcelona live kijken. This could become quite humiliating for Sevilla. Barca are all over them. Barcelona think there was a handball in the other box before the Sevilla goal. That's the stage of the match that we're at now.

There are real problems at the club. Leganes couldn't handle the Argentine. Whenever they win the ball the two strikers are on their bike instantly, giving them somehting of an out ball. Then moments later he has a shot blocked at the near post.

Sevilla were impressive against Barcelona in last week's first leg. They allow far too much space in front of them, and they are slow in tracking back and keeping a grip of opposition runners. They are a different team without their number 10 on fc barcelona live kijken pitch, fc barcelona live kijken.

Barcelona were the dominant side in the first half, but they haven't really found their groove since the interval! There doesn't seem to be much fight from the Catalans at the moment.

They have looked the real deal so far this season, but these are the kind of games they need to win if they are to win the title. While Barcelona are undoubtedly the dominant side at the moment, this is how Valencia like to play. They are being dominated. The running of El Zhar has been one of the main reasons behind Leganes' improvement as this first half has gone on.

Barcelona aren't exactly sure of themselves as a club or a team at the moment, but they have started this game very well.

Is that an indication that the Barcelona manager wants to have a bit control over Sevilla. Finally, but how did the officials not spot that Messi's shot had crossed the line. That incident will raise the issue of VAR again, who tried to fc barcelona live kijken it into the net.

The Leganes wat voor weer wordt het zondag took the ball right off the toe of Neymar and he has taken a sore one in the process.

They had work to do this evening and boy, there is activity on the Barcelona bench! He can have no real complaints! Not as cutting as they were in the opening 10 minutes. Suarez found Messi, did they do it, fc barcelona live kijken, maintained piercing eye contact and became passionate on some topics during the interview in a caf in Bergen.

We'll bring you all the action as it happens.

That's what made them so dangerous in the opening 10 minutes of the match. Once again, Suarez is caught offside. Valencia are doing a really good job of piling players forward on the counter attack. The Brazilian will be a threat for Barcelona.

Suarez knew that was a foul, fc barcelona live kijken, but I think he was surprised to be shown the yellow card so early in the second half. First, Neymar dribbles around the challenge of three Leganes defenders on the edge of the box.

They had a lead to take into this second leg, it was right at him.

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